How To Get Pregnant Faster

Rylan Well my pregnancy didnt even start normal. You see first off I found out I was pregnant untill i was 7 1/2 weeks pregnant! I found out i was pregnant because i was having stomache aches all of the time. I went to the doctor on a tues. to find out after 4 or 5 failed home pregnancy tests (much to my surprise) that i was having my first baby! Getting Pregnant The stomach aches persisted through out my entire pregnancy, thought to be "Braxton Hicks" i was told to go home and rest. finally my due date approaching i went to my final OB-GYN appointment, to find out that i was in early labor. My doctor told me that if things hadn't progressed by that Wed. i was to be induced. Well Wednesday came and i still had not gone into full labor. They started the Pitocin at 7:00 am, i had been there since 6:00 am. when labor finally started it was back labor and I was in horrible pain. at about 2:30 pm i got my epidural(relief)! my labor was going smoothly untill about 8:00 pm when i started pushing! . 15 minuets later i started having sharp shooting pains in my right side of the upper half of my belly, thinking it was just the labor the nurses did nothing! it progressivly got worse and by about 10:30 i gave up. Rylan was positioned wrong and was stuck in my birth canal, the pain was starting to become unbearable, and all they told me was "all you feel is pressure!" well they finally realized it wasn't just pressure when Rylans heart rate dropped to 63 and my eyes were rolling into the back of my head. I had my doctor, 4 or 5 nurses, a surgeon, and an anesteciologist in my room trying to figure out what was wrong. After 15 min. of trying to sleep and everyone in the room yelling at me i got mad and started pushing again. well Rylan was born at 11:06pm on May 2nd and everything went well but i was in such pain that i passed out. the anesteciologist pumped so much of the epidural into my system that at about 4:30am i was still in the LDR room. I finally got to my room at a! bout 5am and was to tired to sleep. We didnt find out what was wrong untill the 5th of may three days after giving birth to my son. they sent me home and all was well untill that night i woke up with the pain i had been having through out the whole pregnancy! when it went away i thought it was normal so i didnt do anything about it. well the very next day i had the pains all day and at 11:30 my mom made me go to the E.R. i ended up in the hospital for 3 1/2 more days after the initial 3 from having Rylan. I had been having Gallbladder attack during the entire pregnancy and even found out i was pregnant because of them. three and a half weeks after my son was born i was in the hospital again having it removed. i felt like the worse mommy on earth and felt i had let my poor baby down. now that the whole thing is over i know that i am not the worst mommy, in fact i know i am a very good mommy. my son i s 8 months old and weighs 24 lbs, so i know im doing something right! that is my story and i hope it helps some poor woman who might go through what i did, they cant take your Gallbladder out while pregnant but they might be able to help the pain. For many individuals achieving pregnancy may be frustrating. Here you will get different effective, easy methods to get pregnant naturally and fast.

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